1-EC-1.1: Staff resources at road BCPs and inland clearance stations
1-EC-1.2a: BCP infrastructure (Joint controls facilities)
1-EC-1.2b: BCP infrastructure (off-lane control areas)
1-EC-1.2c: BCP infrastructure (parking and terminal facilities)
1-EC-1.3: Inland clearance and control procedures for import
1-EC-1.4: Availability of fast lanes for trucks carrying live animals and perishable foodstuffs
1-EC-1.5a: Coordination and delegation of controls among national border agencies
1-EC-1.5b: Coordination and delegation of controls between agencies of neighboring countries
1-EC-1.5c: Exchange of data and information among national border agencies
1-EC-1.5d: Exchange of data and information with foreign border agencies
1-EC-1.6: Traffic separation for vehicles under cover of valid international customs transit documents
1-EC-2.1a: Average border clearance time for transit TIR trucks (with physical inspection)
1-EC-2.1b: Average border clearance time for transit TIR trucks (without physical inspection)
1-EC-2.2a: Average border clearance time for non-TIR transit trucks (with physical inspection)
1-EC-2.2b: Average border clearance time for non-TIR transit trucks (without physical inspection)
1-EC-2.3: Average queuing time
1-EC-3.1a: Average customs clearance cost (exports)
1-EC-3.1b: Average customs clearance cost (imports)
1-EC-3.1c: Average customs clearance cost (transit)
1-EC-3.2: Average road freight rate
1-EC-3.3: Visa requirements for professional drivers
1-EC-3.4: Cost for foreign drivers
1-EC-4.1: Percentage of international road network
1-EC-4.2: Length of international road network per class
1-EC-4.3: Harmonization of road classes at BCP
1-EC-4.4: Harmonization of BCP infrastructure
1-EC-4.5: Length of international road network with design speeds of at least 100 km/h
1-EC-4.6: Design standard and technical specifications of new international roads
1-EC-4.7: Sufficiency of service facilities along international roads
1-EC-4.8: Provision of tunnel management systems
1-EC-4.9: Provision of safety equipment for tunnels
1-EC-5.1: Access rights for transport operators from adjoining countries
1-EC-5.2: Admission requirements for means of transport
1-EC-5.3: Driving permit recognition
1-EC-5.4: Vehicle insurance recognition
1-EC-5.5: Contract of carriage requirements
1-EC-5.6: Weight and vehicle dimension requirements
1-EC-6.1: Modal share of freight road transport
1-EC-6.2: System approach to intermodal transport
1-EC-6.3: Share of multimodal, intermodal and combined cargo
1-EC-6.4: Share of containerized cargo
1-EC-7. 1:Implementation of interconnected e-solutions
1-EC-7. 2: Application of advance electronic cargo information
1-EC-7. 3: Availability of detection equipment and inspection technologies
1-EC-7. 4: Application of intelligent transport systems at BCPs
1-EC-7. 5: Application of intelligent traffic management systems
1-EC-7. 6: Application of ICT systems
1-EC-7. 7: Number of national trucks with track and trace device
1-EC-7. 8: Application of fleet management
1-EC-7. 9: Application of roadside ITS
1-EC-7.10: Application of pre-trip traffic information systems
1-EC-7.11: Application of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems
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1-SO-1.1a: Harmonization of national laws on traffic rules
1-SO-1.1b: Development of rules on traffic behavior
1-SO-1.1c: Effective rules on speed
1-SO-1.1d: Number of violations on speed limit
1-SO-1.1e: Effective rules on safety equipment
1-SO-1.1f: Number of violations on the use of safety equipment
1-SO-1.1g: Effective rules on cargo loading and carriage of passengers
1-SO-1.1h: Number of vehicles stopped per year
1-SO-1.1i: Application of special regulations for motorways and tunnels
1-SO-1.1j: Effective rules on road users distractions
1-SO-1.1k: Number of violations of distracted-driving
1-SO-1.1l: Adequate regulations on training and examination for drivers
1-SO-1.2a: Number of vehicles with tachograph
1-SO-1.2b: Number of vehicles with operational tachograph
1-SO-1.3: Development of regulations on cargo securing
1-SO-1.4: Number of crashes due to violating the traffic rules
1-SO-1.5: Application of National Road Safety System
1-SO-1.6: Application of Post-Crash Response
1-SO-2.1: Length of dual carriageway international roads
1-SO-2.2: Harmonization of international standards for road signs, signals, and marking
1-SO-2.3: IRI rating
1-SO-2.4: Number of secured parking lots for trucks at BCPs
1-SO-2.5: Number of incidents of cargo theft
1-SO-3.1: Harmonization of vehicle regulations
1-SO-3.2: Application of periodic technical inspections
1-SO-3.3: Vehicle registration documentation
1-SO-3.4: Number of accidents due to technical failure
1-SO-3.5: Number of accredited technical inspection centers
1-SO-4.1: List of perishable foodstuffs and corresponding transport conditions
1-SO-4.2: Requirements for testing and approval
1-SO-4.3: Requirements for classification of special equipment
1-SO-4.4: Harmonization of certificate of compliance
1-SO-4.5: Number of checks on trucks transporting perishable foodstuffs
1-SO-5.1a: Classification of dangerous goods for transport
1-SO-5.1b: Marking and labeling of packaging
1-SO-5.1c: Placarding and marking of containers and vehicles
1-SO-5.1d: Dangerous goods transport documentation
1-SO-5.1e: Percentage of transport of dangerous goods
1-SO-5.2a: Training provisions for persons involved in the transport of dangerous goods
1-SO-5.2b: Harmonization of requirements to appoint safety adviser
1-SO-5.2c: Number of safety adviser training certificates issued
1-SO-5.2d: Provision of security awareness training
1-SO-5.3a: Harmonization of procedures for approvals of inspection bodies
1-SO-5.3b: Revocation of approval of inspection bodies
1-SO-5.3c: Availability of information on transport restrictions
1-SO-5.3d: Requirements of security plans for transporting high consequence dangerous goods
1-SO-5.3e: Reporting of occurrences involving dangerous goods
1-SO-5.3f: Provisions for vehicles transporting dangerous goods
1-SO-5.3g: Instructions in writing in the event of emergency
1-SO-5.3h: Requirements for construction, testing and approval of packaging, tank and bulk containers
1-SO-5.4a: Provisions concerning loading, unloading and handling of dangerous goods
1-SO-5.4b: Mandatory requirements concerning transport units and equipment on board
1-SO-6.1: Application of tunnel categorization
1-SO-6.2: Availability of information on tunnel categorization
1-SO-6.3: Requirements concerning the construction and approval of vehicles
1-SO-6.4: Harmonization of requirements to be complied with by vehicle crew
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1-EV-1.1a: Number of alternative fuel passenger cars
1-EV-1.1b: Number of alternative fuel buses
1-EV-1.1c: Number of alternative fuel trucks
1-EV-1.2a: Average age of passenger cars
1-EV-1.2b: Average age of buses
1-EV-1.2c: Average age of trucks
1-EV-2.1: Level of stringency of national vehicle emission legislation
1-EV-2.2: CO2 emissions
1-EV-2.3: Noise emissions
1-EV-2.4: Modal share of passenger road transport
1-EV-2.5: Application of models to predict weather-related risks
1-EV-2.6: Implementation of technical adaptation measures in road transport
1-EV-3.1: Share of alternative fuel filling stations
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