3-EC-1.1: Waiting times at ports
3-EC-1.2: Waiting times at locks
3-EC-1.3: Nighttime operation
3-EC-2.1: Port dues
3-EC-2.2: Tugboat service cost
3-EC-2.3: Tonnage dues
3-EC-2.4: Cargo dues
3-EC-2.5: Lock service charges
3-EC-3.1: Percentage of IWW with international technical parameters
3-EC-3.2: Cargo handling capacity of inland navigation ports
3-EC-3.3: Number of destination countries that can be reached by international IWW corridors and coastal routes
3-EC-3.4: Harmonization of national laws on IWW
3-EC-4.1: Harmonization of boatmaster’s certificates
3-EC-4.2: Contract of carriage requirements
3-EC-5.1: Modal share of freight by IWW
3-EC-5.2: Connection of port terminals with road and railway
3-EC-6.1: Percentage of IWW equipped with RIS
3-EC-6.2: Application of RIS technological solutions
3-EC-6.3: Percentage of IWW covered by Inland ECDIS standard
3-EC-6.4: Percentage of IWW equipped with AIS
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3-SO-1.1: Application of internationally harmonized navigation rules
3-SO-1.2: Navigation-related accidents
3-SO-2.1: Harmonization of registration of inland navigation vessels
3-SO-2.2: Acceptance of harmonized mandatory vessel certificates
3-SO-2.3: Number of vessels equipped with AIS
3-SO-2.4: Application of provisions for safety clearance, freeboard and draught marks
3-SO-2.5: Application of provisions for passenger vessels
3-SO-3.1a: Provision of function-specific training
3-SO-3.1b: Percentage of transport of dangerous goods
3-SO-3.2a: Harmonization of procedures for appointment of inspection bodies
3-SO-3.2b: Provisions for vessels transporting dangerous goods
3-SO-3.3a: Provisions concerning loading, carriage, unloading and handling of dangerous goods
3-SO-3.3b: Mandatory requirements concerning vessels and equipment
3-SO-4.1: Requirements concerning the construction of vessels
3-SO-4.2: Harmonization of requirements to be complied with by vessel crew
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3-EV-1.1: Number of alternative fuel inland vessels
3-EV-1.2: Average age of vessels
3-EV-2.1: Harmonization of water pollution prevention
3-EV-2.2: Modal share of passengers IWW transport
3-EV-2.3: Implementation of technical adaptation measures in inland waterways
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