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2-EC-1.1: Staff resources at rail BCPs and inland clearance stations
2-EC-1.2: BCP infrastructure (Joint controls facilities)
2-EC-1.3: Harmonization of international standards for minimum useful siding length
2-EC-1.4: Inland clearance and control procedures
2-EC-1.5a: Coordination and delegation of controls among national border agencies
2-EC-1.5b: Coordination and delegation of controls between agencies of neighboring countries
2-EC-1.6: Average railway border clearance time
2-EC-1.7: Proportion of bulk to non-bulk cargo
2-EC-1.8: Empty running percentage
2-EC-2.1a: Average border clearance time (with physical inspection)
2-EC-2.1b: Average border clearance time (without physical inspection)
2-EC-2.2: Average queuing time
2-EC-3.1: Customs clearance cost for containerized cargo
2-EC-3.2: Customs clearance cost for dry bulk cargo
2-EC-3.3: Customs clearance cost for liquid bulk cargo
2-EC-4.1: Length of main international railway lines
2-EC-4.2: Length of supplementary international railway lines
2-EC-4.3: Number of international railway corridors
2-EC-4.4: Commercial speed of international railway lines
2-EC-5.1a: Admission requirements for locomotives
2-EC-5.1b: Admission requirements for train wagons
2-EC-5.1c: Contract of carriage requirements
2-EC-5.1d: Recognition of license for train drivers
2-EC-5.2a: Track gauge
2-EC-5.2b: Loading gauge
2-EC-5.2c: Railway signaling system
2-EC-5.2d: Number of countries whose rolling stocks are allowed to enter the country
2-EC-5.2e: Membership of international rail conventions
2-EC-5.2f: Open access
2-EC-6.1: Modal share of freight rail transport
2-EC-6.2: Share of containerized cargo
2-EC-6.3: Handling time of consignments in terminals
2-EC-6.4: Waiting time for road vehicles
2-EC-7.1: Implementation of interconnected e-solutions
2-EC-7.2: Application of advance electronic rail cargo information
2-EC-7.3: Availability of detection equipment and inspection technologies
2-EC-7.4: Coordinated timetabling process
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2-SO-1.1: Percentage of international railway lines with at least two tracks
2-SO-1.2a: Secured sidings at rail BCPs (cargo security)
2-SO-1.2b: Number of incidents of rail cargo theft
2-SO-1.2c: Level crossings on international lines
2-SO-1.2d: Number of accidents at level crossings
2-SO-1.2e: Secured sidings of operating railway lines
2-SO-1.3: Number of accidents due to system failure
2-SO-2.1a: Placarding and marking of wagons
2-SO-2.1b: Percentage of transport of dangerous goods
2-SO-2.2a: Provision of function-specific training
2-SO-2.3a: Provisions for trains transporting dangerous goods
2-SO-2.3b: Number of accidents and incidents involving transport of dangerous goods
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2-EV-1.1: Average age of rolling stocks
2-EV-1.2: Average age of locomotives
2-EV-1.3: Number of hydrogen-powered train
2-EV-2.1: Modal share of passenger rail transport
2-EV-2.2: Implementation of technical adaptation measures in rail transport
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